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Watches have more in common with footwear than you might first think. Why? In the same way you might choose shoes or boots for the right occasion, you should also choose your wristwatch. Gardening?, wear the wellies; walking? maybe the boots. Night out? maybe high heels for some..and maybe not! You get the idea, gardening in high heels is not advisable. Watches are also often designed with specific roles in mind, for example watersports need a sufficiently water resistant watch, aviators need legibility, formal occasions may warrant something more  stylish.

Want a watch for a specific occasion? Drop in and we’ll advise. As always we can adjust bracelets to fit instore.

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I've worked in the jewellery business now for 40 years in a family owned concern. I also have a Jewellers Diploma from the National Association of Goldsmiths.

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