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Water Resistant watches

You don’t need to be a deep sea diver to wear a water resistant watch. Wearing a watch every day exposes your timepiece to the hazard that is water, from rain, dish washing, gardening and more.
Your watch doesn’t necessarily need to be bulky or cumbersome either, with a range of practical or dress watches you can wear whilst going about your business. Here are a few tips;

  • If your watch has a screw in crown, ,make sure it’s fully screwed in, as this maintains the watch’s water-resistance;
  • After immersion in the sea or a swimming pool, rinse the watch in clean water to remove chlorine and salt;
  • Don’t wear your watch in the shower. May seem like a good idea, but hot water and detergents can affect a watch.
  • If you rely on your watch, we can re-seal and pressure test it to ensure that it continues to function in water.
  • As a guide, a 50m water-resistant watch is only suitable for swimming, To snorkel or scuba dive you will need a water pressure tested to at least 100 m-200 m depth. The depth rating measured at static pressure, is not the safe depth that the watch can be used at.
  • Drop into our shops in Camborne and Helston for advice.
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