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Jeweller services

We offer a number of professional  jeweller services including: Just some of the services we offer our customers in Camborne and Helston.

Accurist watch offers…..

Accurist watches offer with great savings on the recommended retail prices RRP.  Ladies and gents models with a 2 year guarantee and free bracelet alteration at time of purchase, so there is no better time to take advantage of this offer. An extensive range of watches, including sports Chronographs to stone set and rose gold […]

Water Resistant watches

You don’t need to be a deep sea diver to wear a water resistant watch. Wearing a watch every day exposes your timepiece to the hazard that is water, from rain, dish washing, gardening and more.Your watch doesn’t necessarily need to be bulky or cumbersome either, with a range of practical or dress watches you […]

Watch straps

We stock a wide range of watch straps and bracelets. One of those essential things most watches need. Did you know though, that we sell leather, nylon, rubber, steel, gold-plated and gold straps, and we can fit and adjust them for you? Choose from a wide range of attractive straps, which will give an older […]

Pocket watches

A gold-plated Skeleton pocket watch. A fine pocket watch with an open face showcasing the tiny cogs and wheels that make up it’s intricate mechanism. A white surround with black roman numerals marks the time. It comes complete with a pocket watch chain and clip fastener. For times when you shun the relentless practicality of […]

Which watch is right?

Watches have more in common with footwear than you might first think. Why? In the same way you might choose shoes or boots for the right occasion, you should also choose your wristwatch. Gardening?, wear the wellies; walking? maybe the boots. Night out? maybe high heels for some..and maybe not! You get the idea, gardening […]

Watch bracelet alterations

Watch bracelet alteration is one of those essential services you need virtually every time you buy a watch, and with so many different styles and types of bracelet watch available, there is never a better time to buy, but did you know that; You need a new watch and more importantly it has to fit […]

Watch glasses fitted

Your watch is durable item, working every day, getting swung around on your arm, out in all weathers (like you!) and generally taken for granted; often for years. Accidents do happen though, and occasionally watch glasses get scratched or damaged. We can though replace them, as we keep an extensive supply of watch glasses in […]

Your local jeweller

It’s useful to know that when you buy from Roy Doble jewellers, we can personalise your gift or purchase. Useful services like engraving an item, altering a watch bracelet or sizing a ring, are all services that we can offer our customers in Camborne & Helston. Buy a item you wish to wear and we […]

Watch this year…?

We’ve a range of Accurist watches which offer a tremendous saving on the RRP. Ladies and gents models, all these Accurist watches come with a three year guarantee, and the beauty of purchasing a wristwatch from Roy Doble jewellers is, if the model you buy has a bracelet then we’ll alter it for you too. […]