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Golfer gifts

We stock essential gifts for a golf player, including pewter tankards that can be engraved,  or a desk clock which coincidentally looks like a golf ball with a clock face set into it Mark Twain described golf as a good walk spoiled. Any sports person knows though that it’s also about the camaraderie, the toys […]


Pewter has been used for tableware and drinking cups since Roman times, and is still being used imaginatively to create attractive and desirable gifts today. Recent deliveries now offer a wide range of tankards and hip flasks, drinking vessels and gifts, which we can engrave on the premises. The dish in the image makes a great […]

Cornish tankards

A pewter tankard is a popular gift, and never more so when it is decorated with the coat of arms of the Duke of Cornwall, which is represented by a shield with 15 bezants (gold coins), which is said to be the ransom raised by the people of Cornwall and paid to the Saracens, to […]