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Royal Wedding 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton took place in 2011. The princess wore the engagement ring of Princess Diana, which in 1981 reputedly cost Prince Charles £28500, and is now valued at over £250000. Wearing an engagement ring which is a family heirloom is a nice idea, as it has been worn […]

September weddings

September is one of the most popular months for getting married. Its still quite sunny, and to be honest, the weather lately has been better than the last few months. It’s also a quieter time of year, and holiday breaks for the Honeymoon offer some good choices. So how can Roy Doble jewellers help you? […]

Ring sizing

Buying a ring to celebrate that special occasion, can sometimes present the problem of whether it will ‘fit’. Being jewellers as opposed to some others who just sell jewellery, we are often able to size the ring using the time honoured skills of the Goldsmith. We can also repair rings, replacing or tipping claws, setting […]

Perfect partners

A selection of Wedding Rings individually shaped to fit around your engagement ring. All twelve designs are available in a variety of styles. Available as: Check in-store to see the options and try a sample on.