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Topaz the November birthstone

Topaz is the gem birthstone for November. This gemstone occurs in a range of different colours including white, shades of pink, green and sherry, and the famously electric blue colour. It also comes in a lighter blue shade similar to aquamarine. The folklore associated with this gem claims that it can ‘dispel bad omens, heal […]

Diamond-April birthstone

Diamond is the gemstone & birthstone associated with the month of April. Often recognised as a ‘colourless gemstone’ Diamond can also occur in a range of colours, including green, blue, yellow and red. Flawless & coloured or fancy diamonds of a good carat weight are rare and very valuable . It has been a popular gem in jewellery for […]

Peridot-August birthstone

Peridot: The Gem of August If you are looking for a unique and beautiful gift for someone born in August, you might want to consider peridot. Peridot is a green gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its vibrant color and sparkle. Peridot is also the traditional birthstone for August, as well as the […]