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Gem set jewellery

Gem set jewellery adds glamour to an outfit. Bright green emeralds, blood red rubies and cornflower blue sapphire set in pendants and earrings, will make a beautiful gift. Diamonds set a great accent to contrast with coloured gems, or blaze brilliantly on their own. Drop in to find your favourite gem or gem colour We […]

Diamond-April birthstone

Diamond is the gemstone & birthstone associated with the month of April. Often recognised as a ‘colourless gemstone’ Diamond can also occur in a range of colours, including green, blue, yellow and red. Flawless & coloured or fancy diamonds of a good carat weight are rare and very valuable . It has been a popular gem in jewellery for […]

Silver jewellery

The quality and diversity of styles of silver jewellery seem to keep moving forward, making use of silver’s inherent qualities. Its the most reflective metal on earth and one of the most malleable, allowing texturing, patterning, polishing and engraving to contrast finishes that bring out the best of this beautiful metal. We stock silver jewellery […]