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Garnet January birthstone

Garnet is the birthstone associated for the month of January. This gemstone is commonly recognised as having a reddish-brown colour, though other varieties can also be a pinkish red or even green colour. The popular deep, warm red variety of this gem looks luxurious set in gold jewellery and enhances its natural beauty. Ask in-store […]

Topaz the November birthstone

Topaz is the gem birthstone for November. This gemstone occurs in a range of different colours including white, shades of pink, green and sherry, and the famously electric blue colour. It also comes in a lighter blue shade similar to aquamarine. The folklore associated with this gem claims that it can ‘dispel bad omens, heal […]

Aquamarine-March birthstone

The birthstone gem associated with the month of March is Aquamarine. The colour of this gem varies from a sea-green, (from which its name is derived) to the more familiar sky blue or dark blue. The gem can appear blue or colourless depending on the angle it’s viewed from. The gem cutters skill is to […]


Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a beautiful clear gem coloured in shades of purple, lilac or mauve,

Accurist watch offers…..

Accurist watches offer with great savings on the recommended retail prices RRP.  Ladies and gents models with a 2 year guarantee and free bracelet alteration at time of purchase, so there is no better time to take advantage of this offer. An extensive range of watches, including sports Chronographs to stone set and rose gold […]

Cornish themed charms

Cornish themed charms that you can thread onto a silver bracelet. It is a fun way to personalise your own jewellery, so that it is as unique as you. These charms thread onto popular brands of bracelets include Pandora and Trollbeads to name a few. We stock a number of Cornish charms that will thread […]

Cancer research

The contents of our cancer research charity tin in our Camborne branch was emptied in February 2014, and the total came to £68.14. It has now been emptied again (Jan’15) and we’ve raised another £60.48. We don’t like an empty tin so it’s great that the coins add up. Thank you to all those who […]

Weather barometer

A traditional weather barometer can give you a forecast of a change in the weather by gauging barometric pressure. A classic weather station will also include a hygrometer and thermometer. A hygrometer is used to gauge humidity and a thermometer to display the air temperature, all within the comfort of your home. Similar designs have […]

Watch straps

We stock a wide range of watch straps and bracelets. One of those essential things most watches need. Did you know though, that we sell leather, nylon, rubber, steel, gold-plated and gold straps, and we can fit and adjust them for you? Choose from a wide range of attractive straps, which will give an older […]

Cornwall emblem glassware

Cornwall emblem glassware including decanters, glasses, paper weights and miniature clocks, engraved with the Cornish emblem and the legend ‘One and All’. Wine glasses, tumblers & beer glasses, each engraved with the Cornish emblem. A beautiful gift that is also a useful addition to a sideboard or table too.Drop in to our branches at Camborne […]